The Process

Now that we have the target audience identified, lets start with overview of the process. The main problem in inserting any change is to know how to begin. In my experience i have seen the best results when you implement this process while starting a new project or a larger feature of the project. The process i am suggesting has 3 steps or phases. The process starts as more of the science and then in later stages converts to more of an art form.

  1. Evaluate:  The first is step to identify what kind of team you have before starting to implement any sort of Agile. I have seen team which start “going Agile” without understanding the team dynamics.
  2. Create: Once you know what kind of team you have, you should start creating a plan. Here i give some useful tips based on the results we got from the Step 1.
  3. Implement: As soon as you have the plan created you will start working on implementing it. This step has more to do with the “Art” of managing the process and people.


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