Create Plan : Required Skillset

Before we start creating the plan to make our team Agile, there are some pre-requisites that I would like to go over. This is a list of basic skills for any leadership position with primary focus on the skills that will help you understand the leadership model that we will discuss in coming chapters. There are specific areas of this skills which we will leverage to first create the plan but mainly helpful in later stage of implementing the plan. This does not mean that following are the only skills required, but we are putting more focus on these. There are a whole lot that I am leaving out here as our scope is to create a plan to make the team Agile and not list all the skills for becoming a great leader.

Pre-requisite skills for creating an Agile Team:

  • Communication
  • Motivation
  • Agile Team Building
  • Agile Planning

In next few pages I will try to focus on specific areas of the above skills that will help us create a better plan and execute it perfectly.


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