Evaluate Team : Conclusions

So let’s find out how our “Looney Tunes” team gets defined in these categories. Here is the updated version of the graph.

Here are some quick observations :

  1. Mr. Taz and Mr. Foghorn needs to be evaluated and put on some kind of performance improvement plan.
  2. You may want to sit down with Mr. Road Runner and Mr. Daffy Duck to make sure that they feel valued and perform at a higher level. They need some guidance to be a productive member of the team.

Based on how each person drops on this chart, you can see the nature of the team you have. Now i will discuss different kind of charts and how to use the chart to create a plan to make your team more “Agile”. We need to make sure that we pay attention to which “kind” of team you have since we will be creating a specific plan to deal with that kind of team in the next section :

  1. Struggling Team: This team has more people in the lower half of the chart. This team always struggles to meet deadlines, the environment is not healthy and the general feeling is of “getting stuck”.
    1. This kind of teams find it hard to keep the superstars around. They just stay for 1-3 years and move on. It is not a “growing pot” for them.
    2. The turnover in this team is high. The moral is very low and leading such team is very hard.
    3. Slowly the people in the “Campers” section get their moral down and they fell either in the “Wanderers” or “Anchors”
  2. Split Personalty Team: This is the team that has more “dots” in the right half of the team. Generally the team has their productivity swinging from “Great Job” to “What The …”.
    1.  This team shows some good sparks once in a while but it is hard to have good management of the tasks.
    2. There are few superstars and few “wanna be” people. There is no team work in this.
    3. Everyone is looking out for themselves. Managing is like “herding cats”

Now that we have concluded our evaluation, we will move to create a plan to make our team Agile in next chapters.


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