Evaluate Team : Gather Stakeholders

This step includes evaluating both the team and the current methodology as a holistic entity. If you look at one without the other you are just looking at the one side of the coin. In evaluating the team you do it from outside to get an idea of what are the issues faced by the customers(internal of external) of the team. This part of the process has following sub-steps:

1.1 Identify stakeholder team:

The first thing you will do is identify who will be evaluating the team. These are the key stakeholders in the team’s success. For example if your organization has a typical 3 team environment of PM, Dev and Test then you would include the leads of those teams as key stakeholders as well.

If you have separate project managers in a matrix management kind of structure then you include their opinion too. Other people in the business management can also participate but should be limited to the ones who are in direct contact with the team on daily basis.

You will be surprised to learn what you find when you combine the input from everyone who interacts with the team.


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