Create Plan : Skill – Communication

As soon as we hear the word “Communication” we visualize people talking, that may be mostly true as it is the most common way of communicating but that is not what we are discussing here. It is a part of it but it is not the whole. In my opinion: The best communication involves the […]

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Create Plan : Required Skillset

Before we start creating the plan to make our team Agile, there are some pre-requisites that I would like to go over. This is a list of basic skills for any leadership position with primary focus on the skills that will help you understand the leadership model that we will discuss in coming chapters. There […]

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Evaluate Team : Conclusions

So let’s find out how our “Looney Tunes” team gets defined in these categories. Here is the updated version of the graph. Here are some quick observations : Mr. Taz and Mr. Foghorn needs to be evaluated and put on some kind of performance improvement plan. You may want to sit down with Mr. Road […]

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Evaluate Team : Gather Results

1.4 Chart the ratings: Once I have the ratings I will take those ratings and put them on the graph. This is very crucial point in the evaluation and I will caution to make sure that you prepare this graph with some care. I will plot the technical skills and soft skills on the x […]

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Evaluate Team : Gather Ratings

1.3 Gather ratings: Given that I have the parameters and the stakeholders are selected I will start on getting this in motion. I create a spreadsheet with the team names and sit down with the stakeholders on how to evaluate the team. It should be done in a group discussion setting to get more insights […]

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Evaluate Team : Gather Parameters

1.2 Identify evaluation parameters: Once you have the “stakeholder” team identified and put together you will move on to the next step which is to define parameters that you will evaluate your team with. These can and should be a mixture of technical and soft skills. These are the parameters that can vary every time […]

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Evaluate Team : Gather Stakeholders

This step includes evaluating both the team and the current methodology as a holistic entity. If you look at one without the other you are just looking at the one side of the coin. In evaluating the team you do it from outside to get an idea of what are the issues faced by the customers(internal […]

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The Process

Now that we have the target audience identified, lets start with overview of the process. The main problem in inserting any change is to know how to begin. In my experience i have seen the best results when you implement this process while starting a new project or a larger feature of the project. The […]

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You get the best effort from others not by lighting a fire beneath them, but by building a fire within them. – Bob Nelson, Author         I started this site to share my experiences about leading software development teams through difficult situations. There are numerous sites available for developers, architects, management and […]

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