You get the best effort from others not by lighting a fire beneath them, but by building a fire within them. – Bob Nelson, Author

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What is AgileSetup ?

I started this site to share my experiences about leading software development teams through difficult situations. There are numerous sites available for developers, architects, management and everything in-between but I see a glaring hole in the lack of the information about development methodology. I understand that the first thing you will say is that the internet is full of information about the Agile methodology and its different flavors. I am not talking about those sites, I am talking about the in-depth analysis of approaches in implementing a correct development methodology that a middle or upper-middle management (i.e. Program Managers, Team Leads & Directors) can grasp. There is a big difference in reading/ learning the Agile as a cookie-cutter methodology and implementing it so you can reap the benefits in developing much efficient team. All those who have been trying their best to make their team efficient can attest to the uphill battle they face and the frustrations it can generate. So this site is for all those people to share their experiences and may be some opportunities where you or your organization can benefit from my expertise.

Who needs it ?

From my overview above you will have an idea of the audience that I am targeting here but let me spell it out so that it is clear. I believe that every team out there doing software development (or development of any sort) can benefit from adapting the correct methodology. All the teams whether large or small need to evaluate their processes and methodology if there is any doubt about their efficiency. So all those teams operating at 120% are wasting their time by reading it (well they won’t be here if they really are operating at 120% !!).

Why they need it ?

At the end of the day we are talking about Team Building. Methodology is all about the protocol you establish in the team so there is a clear understanding about how the work will be done in the team. Putting the right methodology always helps the Team Building process from the ground up. If you want your team to be successful and efficient, start with the right Methodology.